World Press Freedom Day

Our German team produced the following graphic in collaboration with the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV – Bundesverband Digitalpublisher und Zeitungsverleger) to mark World Press Freedom Day. Observed every May 3, the day is intended to commemorate the principle of free, independent media.

To promote the topic, the graphic presents data across five pressing topics:

  • A global ranking of press freedom
  • The number of incarcerated journalists in different countries
  • Data covering total numbers of imprisoned and murdered journalists
  • The state of press freedom in Turkey
  • Perception of the problem of fake news around Europe

An average of 85% of EU citizens believed that fake news was a problem in their country. The countries with the highest rankings were Cyprus (91%), Greece (90%), Italy (90%) and Hungary (89%). Regrettably, even in countries where the topic was felt to be less of an issue, as many as seven out of ten citizens were worried by the phenomenon. Fake news was seen as a problem by 73% of residents of Estonia, Denmark and Luxembourg and by 70% of respondents in Belgium, the lowest recorded total.