US Independence Day celebrations

Autor: Yannic Stock

”From sea to shining sea”, the United States of America celebrates one of its most important holidays on 4 July: Independence Day. For Americans, 4 July, which marks independence from British rule in 1776, is no less significant than holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Perhaps because the summer temperatures allow them to indulge in that great American pastime: BBQ!

For around two-thirds of Americans, BBQing with family and friends is a 4 July tradition. And just like at Thanksgiving, poultry is a favourite dish: over 700 million pounds of chicken are eaten across the country, along with beef, hot dogs and plenty of ice cream.

While the Star-Spangled Banner is part of Independence Day tradition for two-thirds of US citizens, 42% say there is no 4 July without a firework display! More than 695 million US dollars are spent on fireworks alone for the big day.

Art Director Katja Schönemann went all out with a Stars and Stripes theme for this infographic! Alongside colours of red, white and blue, playful illustrations of BBQs and fireworks add to the celebratory feel of the design. Not forgetting the most iconic symbol of American independence, the Statue of Liberty herself.