Smart homes – different personalities around the house

Our German Content & Information Design team worked with power company E.ON on the topic of the domestic smart home market. Bringing data from a national survey to life, the graphic features ranks the four most prominent customer groups in order of which are most believed to be the first to embrace smart home technology. The infographic shows each category of consumer in their natural habitat, with the design illuminating their preferences and motivations.

The group of consumers expected to lead the smart home market are ‘show offs’ who are keen to show off their newest smart gadgets. For this group, image will always come before any price considerations.

The next category encompasses ‘aficionados’ who like to come home to a sense of luxury in their apartment when they come home from work.

The third group are the ‘everyday pragmatists’ for whom smart technology is something that exists to make their lives easier. They would have their smart fridge set up to let them know what ingredients they still need for their dinner, while their heating controls keep their power bills down to a minimum.

Lastly come the ‘DIY hobbyists’ whose technical know-how enables them to set up smart devices round their home without much effort. Never seeing their home projects as ‘finished’, they always see the potential to improve and update their devices.