Smart homes: the interconnected household

This latest infographic from the Statista Content & Information Design’s in-house team covers the topic of smart homes. With many people around the world currently spending more time inside their own homes, we took the opportunity to explore the wide range of smart devices that help us work, entertain ourselves or even monitor our energy consumption around the house.

The graphic incorporates survey data in order to present the perceived advantages provided by domestic smart appliances, while highlighting that an overwhelming majority of users (87%) are both happy with their devices and use them regularly. In order to provide meaningful comparison, the infographic presents market penetration in a range of countries and further breaks down spending on smart revenue by segment.

Visually, the graphic links statistics with their relevant topics with a mixture of clear symbols and classic chart formats. This is vibrantly brought to life with a harmonious mixture of flat illustrations, line icons and a warming color palette.