Sexual harassment in the workplace – the numbers behind the issue

Discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace are issues that many of us have heard of but perhaps needed reminding of just how prevalent they are. We certainly had several eye-opening moments during our project work for Thomson Reuters. It’s quite shocking to find out that 81% of women in the US, for example, have been sexually harassed. Men estimated this figure to be just half that amount. Similarly shocking is that three quarters of victims do not report such incidents.

The topic itself can actually be described as a global epidemic. Based on The World Health Organization country surveys, it is estimated that around 75% of the world’s 2.7 billion women aged 18 years and older have been affected by some form of discrimination or harassment.

Alongside the obvious harm to the victims themselves, employers face a significant impact, too. Productivity can drop by up to 40% and a single sexual harassment case is likely to reduce the public’s perception of the company involved.

Check out the infographic below, raise awareness and help build a culture of compliance.