Self-driving cars Infographics: Interview with the designer Sandy Geist

Sandy Geist is a graphic designer and has been working at Statista Content & Information Design for almost three years.

The topic of this graphic is autonomous driving. What comes to your mind personally when you think about self-driving cars? 

For me personally, I associate the topic with having far more freedom. Not having to focus on the road means that there you have free time for more productive things. Another positive aspect is also that the burden is lifted for motorists; truck drivers, for example, can do their job without being as stressed and exhausted.

What was the process of developing the autonomous driving infographic? How did you set about doing it?

First of all, I like to look at other graphics and designs on the topic on Pinterest. That is my ‘inspiration’ phase, of sorts. Then, for my conceptional stage, I divide the graphic into its various chapters and arrange the text and diagrams in the layout. After that I replace the placeholders with the final icons and illustrations.

What did you find were the biggest challenges with this infographic?

Sometimes its difficult to get fully into a topic when you have to work on other projects at the same time and get taken out of your ‘flow’.