An innovative solution to marine pollution

Reducing marine litter is a matter of global concern and a topic we at Statista Content Marketing & Information Design are keen to support. We were therefore delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Lubrizol Personal Care team to develop an infographic supporting their efforts to curb the harmful effects of plastics on the environment.

While plastics are made up of polymers, not all polymers end up as plastics. Confusion often arises when it is assumed all polymers used in personal care products are harmful to the environment. In fact, it is primarily plastic “microbeads” found in products such as exfoliating body scrubs that could be ingested by marine life and ultimately accumulate in the food chain. In contrast, Lubrizol’s acrylate polymers are unlikely to ever reach the marine environment at all thanks to effective capture in wastewater treatment plants. There have also been numerous studies demonstrating that even if they were to reach the marine environment, they would not be harmful to life there.

To find out more about Lubrizol’s polymers, how they differ from microplastics and their respective impact on the marine environment, check out our infographic below.