Political Participation in Developing and Emerging Countries, 2020

Autor: Yannic Stock

In the run up to this year’s US election, one question keeps being asked: what is the state of democracy in the world’s largest economy? While this question may not be answered until months after the election, our infographic for the biennial Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI) shows the state of democracy in 137 developing and emerging countries.

The BTI 2020 shows that just one-third of all governments guarantee political participation. This reveals clear region-specific divisions. The rule of law and political participation are rated as good to very good in almost all the countries in Eastern Europe and South America. The same applies to many countries in the south and west of Africa, as well as in India and Mongolia. The rule of law is rated as very weak in several central African states, as well as large parts of the Arabian Peninsula and Iran, China, and several South East Asian states and Venezuela.

Throughout our long-standing collaboration with the Bertelsmann foundation we have created many infographics for the BTI, which is considered an important indicator of political development around the world.