A look at the growth of online sports retail

Even before the recent lockdown-induced internet shopping spree, online retail had been growing steadily worldwide. The field of sports retail has shown to be no exception to this trend either!

Working together with PrivateSportShop.com, we researched the development of online sports shopping, as well as wider internet retail trends, across a number of European markets over the past few years.

The client was eager to highlight the increasingly-important role that mobile-based online purchasing will continue to play in the coming years and wished to further underline that growing numbers of consumers are booking directly through online stores’ specialist apps too.

To present this data-driven market research in a memorable way, our design team ensured that the broad range of data was presented in an eye-catching color palette that brought the client’s corporate identity to life. Furthermore, the charts were alternated from chapter-to-chapter, while the design was complemented with several additional graphics that draw the reader into the topic.