The future of office design

The evolution of the workplace from 1980–2020

A number of articles within the design media have recently brought innovation spaces to the forefront of office design. Highlighting the importance of employees’ needs, this research formed the foundation for our work on the future of office design with Staples.

Exploring the evolution of the workplace, we found that today’s space solutions need to be able to change rapidly whilst still being varied enough to accommodate a vast set of needs. There are also many approaches a company can take in terms of office design to improve employees’ well-being at work. 78% of the people polled by Staples, for example, said their employers have a responsibility to help keep them physically and mentally well.

Any savings a company might expect to realise by keeping its workplace in an outdated design can therefore easily be dwarfed by the costs that an ineffective workplace has on employee productivity and satisfaction. Having plants in the office, for example, can reduce sickness-related absences by 30%.

So why not check out our video below to see how office design has changed over the years and what your company can do to bring the best out of your employees.