Ongoing causes for optimism in the current climate

COVID-19 has taken TV advertising through the looking glass: audiences are soaring, while revenues are falling. Desirable, hard to reach audiences are suddenly watching daytime TV. This has coincided with advertisers pulling airtime due to restrictions imposed by the lockdown – there is little point advertising sports betting if there is no sport. We worked with Adalyser to support the visualization of TV viewing data for the month of March and to highlight just how much TV viewing increased over the course of the month by plotting the daily data. Both ABC1 Adults, defined as one of the three higher social and economic groups, and 16-34 Adults delivered much higher viewing figures.

The infographic visualizes BARB weekday, daytime (9-5), 16-34 and ABC1 Adult impacts. Monday, 2nd March to Friday 6th March represents the baseline. The percentage change is relative to the equivalent day from the baseline period. Sky saw some of the most notable spikes – up more than 121% on Friday 27 March.

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