E-Health Infographics: Interview with the designer Johanna Overmeyer

Autor: Sarah Tebbe

Johanna Overmayer is a graphic designer and has been working at Statista Content & Information Design for four years.

The theme of the graphic is e-health, is that something that interests you personally? 

Yes, absolutely! I sometimes use my phone to track the amount of water I drink and the number of steps I take. But what I find more interesting are the possibilities for tech in doctor’s visits, for example the use of electronic files that can store information such as X-rays, MRI images, referrals, reports or prescriptions.

What was the process of developing the e-health infographic? How did you set about doing it?

I started with sketches on paper and thought about how the information could be divided visually into chapters, as well as consider the type of colour palette would fit well with the app/online topic. The use of two shades of turquoise in addition to two contrasting colours created a flashy and loud look that is often seen in app design.

How did you incorporate the graphics theme into their design?

For the infographic header I chose an effect where the shadows blend into the background. The chapters are arranged in a way in which two colour variations are visually repeated. The donut-style diagrams reflect the visuals used in fitness tracker apps, which often display values in circles.