E-scooter infographic: interview with designer Katja Schönemann

Autor: Sarah Tebbe

Katja Schönemann, Art Director – Editorial Design, has been working in Statista’s Content & Information Design department for 5 ½ years.

The topic of our infographic is e-scooters. Is this something you yourself are interested in?

I’ve never ridden an e-scooter but I see them parked all over the city. The first time I saw an e-scooter was in Copenhagen, before they appeared in Hamburg. Personally, I prefer to ride my bike or walk from place to place. You can’t avoid them though, everywhere you go people are talking about them.

What was your process when developing the e-scooter infographic?

The first thing I did was look at lots of different design styles to gain inspiration. Then I thought about what kind of style I would like to use and what would best match the topic. Finally, I looked at the data and determined the best way to visualise the individual content points.

How did you decide on this colour scheme? The colours are really eye-catching!

The colours are as eye-catching as the e-scooters on the street. Using bright colours is really popular at the moment and you see them everywhere. I ended up choosing the two main colours from the Pantone Colours of the Year from 2018 and 2019: “Ultra Violett” and “Living Coral”. I’m not sure whether it was just a coincidence or a subconscious choice seeing as these colours have been popping up all over the place over the past year. Ultimately, it was important to me to choose two contrasting colours that also complemented each other well.

What was the biggest challenge for you when designing this infographic?

If I had to name one thing it would be the perspective in the background that was the most challenging. I really had to think carefully about how to draw the levels and shading to produce an accurate-looking scene.