The “driving” factors behind buying a car

Looking back 10 or 20 years, buying a car was pretty normal for employees in Europe. With the rise of millennials, this has changed. Owning a car is not as glamorous as it used to be. The Sharing Economy is instead in full swing.

But who are those people still buying new cars and what motivates them to do so? According to a study carried out by our client SEAT in Spain, the average car buyer is 53 years old and buys a new car due to the wearing out of the old one.
One in five people are driven by family circumstances.

It’s quite interesting to see that 90% of buyers are influenced by their close peers when it comes to making their choice. An average of eight friends or family members are consulted before making the purchase. In the age of seemingly infinite online reviews, this is indeed surprising.

Find more insights on the buying process in our infographic below: