The Best Infographic We Never Made

Win a free infographic project in your Corporate Design

The Statista Content Marketing & Information Design team is giving you the opportunity to win a free infographic! Simply let us know your idea for the best infographic we never made. You have the chance to win a “Story Chart” infographic in your corporate design.

Our team of data journalists and design experts will take care of the researcheditorial and design to transform the two most interesting topic ideas into infographics to use for your own work. 

If desired, we will also distribute your infographic via the Statista newsletters (280,000 B2B recipients) and insert a backlink to your website.

Need some inspiration?

Simply submit your amusing, ironic, geeky or insightful idea below for your chance to win! Entries can be submitted until Monday July 1, 2019 and prizes will be drawn afterwards.

Just fill out the form below in order to participate. Fingers crossed!


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