Autonomous driving – taking your hands off the wheel

The following graphic was prepared by our German team for their client thyssenkrupp, who wished to explore the topic of autonomous driving.

The graphic opens with a visual representation of the forecasted growth of the self-driving vehicle market. A map of Spain is used to indicate that, by 2035, 48 milling self-driving cars will by produced annually worldwide – more than enough for every Spanish citizen!

The following chapter examines consumer’s opinions on the particular advantages autonomous cars bring to drivers. Supplemented by visuals, the vibrant bar chart reveals that 69% of surveyed participants felt that a self-driving car would be particularly useful for parking, while 53% recognized their convenience in traffic. Nevertheless, almost 1 in 4 (24%) of drivers didn’t feel that a car that drove itself would bring them any benefit whatsoever.

Finally, the infographic discusses what drivers would do with their additional spare time in an autonomous vehicle. While 48% of people suggested that they would simply look to kill time, 37% would take a nap and another 25% would try to catch up on work.